Heathershaw Mornington Crack Repair

Heathershaw Mornington

Rising damp problems that were causing damage.

The Client

Mr & Mrs Heathershaw House Wall Waterproofing & Crack Stitching

The Requirements

Requirements for Heathershaw

The clients came to me as they had a rising damp problem causing damage to skirting boards & plaster walls in some rooms in the house. They also had a structural crack in their brickwork that required immediate attention.

Works Carried Out

Works Carried Out…

Rising Damp: The render on the wall was quote loose so majority of the lower sections was removed with jack hammers. The walls were prepared & cleaned prior to being waterproofed with a 2-part cementitious waterproofing system, applied in two (2) coats. The walls were to be rendered over at a later date.

Structural Crack: From the inspection it was evident that the building had moved & cracks had appeared in the walls of the house. The cracks were quite significant but were structurally ok. To repair we used the “Thor-helical” system which comprised of raking out the brick mortar joints, installing the special reinforcing wire placed at nominal joints. The highly deformed wire has an excellent capacity to bond with proprietary grouts, for crack stitching and remedial tie applications) and standard masonry mortars and in various diameters the uses range from simple crack stitching to the creation of load bearing masonry lintels.