Foundation Waterproofing in Melbourne

Austin Waterproofing offers below ground waterproofing to help protect your home’s basement, foundations and other sub-floor structures from the expensive damage that water leaks can cause. Foundation waterproofing by our Melbourne team is backed by a 7-year written guarantee and complies with all the relevant Australian standards.

The Importance of Foundation Waterproofing

Water leaks in the foundations of a building can pose problems ranging from mould and mildew right through to damage that threatens the very structure of your home. They can also lead to insect infestation, degraded air quality, damage to electrical systems, flooring and furnishings, and sometimes even a contaminated water supply.

These leaks will commonly occur when water is pushed through cracks in your foundation walls and basement floors, which is why it makes sense to invest in the below ground waterproofing services of a professional.

Call Now to Arrange a Below Ground Waterproofing Quote

At Austin Waterproofing, we can help ensure your home and contents are protected – and the value of your property is maintained – with our expert service in foundation waterproofing. Melbourne homeowners have looked to us to protect their home and contents from moisture damage for over 15 years. And with services covering everything from your foundations right up to your rooftop, we can help ensure your entire home is guarded against water infiltration.

For more information or to request a quote on below ground waterproofing or any of our services, please get in touch with our Melbourne team by phone or email.